Nebula Award for Best Novella


Year Title Author
1965 The Saliva Tree Brain W. Aldiss
1966 The Last Castle Jack Vance
1967 Behold the Man Michael Moorcock
1968 Dragonrider Anne McCaffrey
1969 A Boy and His Dog Harlan Ellison
1970 Ill met in Lankhmar Fritz Leiber
1971 The Missing Man Katherine MacLean
1972 A Meeting with Medusa Arthur C. Clarke
1973 The Death of Doctor Island Gene Wolfe
1974 Born with the Dead Robert Silverberg
1975 Home is the Hangman Roger Zelazny
1976 Houston, Houston, Do You Read? James Tiptree, Jr
1977 Stardance Spider and Jeanne Robinson
1978 The Persistence of Vision John Varley
1979 Enemy Mine Barry Longyear
1980 The Unicorn Tapestry Suzy McKee Charnas
1981 The Saturn Game Poul Anderson
1982 Another Orphan John Kessel
1983 Hardfought Greg Bear
1984 Press Enter John Varley
1985 Sailing to Byzantium Robert Silverberg
1986 R&R Lucius Shepard
1987 The Blind Geometer Kim Stanley Robinson
1988 The Last of the Winnebagos Connie Willis
1989 The Mountains of Mourning Lois McMaster Bujold
1990 The Hemingway Hoax Joe Haldeman
1991 Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress
1992 City of Truth James Morrow
1993 The Night We Buried Road Dog Jack Cady
1994 Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge Mike Resnick
1995 Last Summer at Mars Hill Elizabeth Hand
1996 Da Vinci Rising Jack Dann
1997 Abandon in Place Jerry Oltion
1998 Reading the Bones Sheila Finch
1999 Story of Your Life Ted Chiang
2000 Goddesses Linda Nagata
2001 The Ultimate Earth Jack Williamson
2002 Bronte's Egg Richard Chwedyk
2003 Coraline Neil Gaiman
2004 The Green Leopard Plague Walter Jon Williams
2005 Magic for Beginners Kelly Link
2006 Burn James Patrick Kelly
2007 Fountain of Age Nancy Kress
2008 The Spacetime Pool Catherine Asaro
2009 The Women of Nell Gwynne's Kage Baker
2010 The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen's Window Rachel Swirsky
2011 The Man Who Bridged the Mist Kij Johnson
2012 After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall Nancy Kress
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