How to Add Your Own Review

Adding Your Own Review

Step by Step

The following is a simple method for adding your review, one which minimizes the chances of adversely affecting any existing reviews.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate page for your review.
  2. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Scroll down the entries to the appropriate alphabetical spot for your review.
  4. Place your cursor at the end of the line of the entry that will be just above yours.
  5. Hit enter 3 times.
  6. Select and copy the entry just above yours.
  7. Paste onto the second blank line you created (so that there's 1 blank line above and 1 blank line below your entry.
  8. Modify the table fields with the information for your review, making sure not to delete the vertical line characters ( || ) that separate the table fields.
  9. Delete the blank lines above and below your entry.
  10. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Titles should be listed in alphanumeric order, with numbers first and leading articles (a, an, the) left in place, but ignored in terms of placement in the list. So, for example, the following list is properly organized:

Amityville Horror, The
Exorcist, The
Wrinkle in Time, A

but too much trouble to write. So, we keep the order, but leave the leading articles in place:

The Amityville Horror
The Exorcist
A Wrinkle in Time

It is hoped that this makes it easier for everyone.

Your Review

And now a word or two on the reviews themselves. Since PPF is simply a guide, full reviews are not needed. We have no hard and fast rules, just the suggestion that you be concise yet informative. Try to give a sense of plot (without spoilers), as well as your opinion of the title in a few sentences. Think Maltin's Guide to film. It's incredible how much information can be packed into only a few words. But don't be put off if you can't squeeze everything into so small a space. So long as your review is clear and to the point, it will be welcomed by all.

If you know the date of first publication (for a written work) or the year of release (for a film), add it to the title; e.g., Jaws (1975). If you don't know the date, don't sweat it.

If your review contains a dash, write is as: space hypen hypen space. If you don't put in the space before and after, it will mark through that portion of the text. If you do, it will create an em dash and everything will be wonderful.

Please do not make anything bold. Titles of other works may be in either italics or enclosed in quotation marks. Use italics for emphasis.

Rating Scale

Please use the following rating system when adding your reviews.

6 = Must Read/Must See
5 = Well Worth Your Time
4 = Better Than Most
3 = Of Some Value
2 = Take It or Leave It
1 = Valueless

Or, put another way:

6 = You Gotta Read (See) It
5 = I Highly Recommend It
4 = It's Good…Not Great
3 = Not That Great, But Has Some Good Parts
2 = Not Really My Thing, But If That's What You Like…
1 = It's Worthless, Man

Or, to use a simple grading system:

6 = A+
5 = A
4 = B
3 = C
2 = D
1 = F

Editing an Existing Review

PPF is a critical guide, which of course means that each review represents the opinion of its author. For this reason, we should not edit another author's review, except in the following ways.

1. If the listed title, author, or director is incorrect, we may edit this content.
2. If there is no year of publication (for a written work) or release date (for a film), and we know what it is, we may add this content.

Virtually everything else falls under the rubric of opinion, and if it happens that we disagree with a given opinion, the proper response is to write a review of our own.

If we are editing our own review, well, then, we can do whatever we want.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License